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APILIFE - Green Bee Propolis Drops (10g/pc)


Propolis or bee gum (a bee by-product)

Pure liquid product without alcohol at a concentration of 90% of green propolis that is the richest of antioxidants especially terpenes.

What is it?

It is the resinous substance produced by bees after collecting plant sap that flows from the tops of buds and wounds of tree branches and other plant sources, then mixing it with saliva and enzymes from its stomach with beeswax and pollen

Taste and Smell (warning)

Propolis has a pungent taste and different colors of yellow, red, brown and green, which is the finest type of propolis produced by bees from plants in the humid rainy tropics such as southeast Brazil

Health benefits:

  • Killing bacteria, viruses and fungi by stopping their growth and spread.
  • Reducing allergy symptoms because it causes the body to reduce the production of histamine.
  • Reducing blood pressure by decreasing the activity of the enzyme tyrosine and helping to reduce blood sugar levels.
  • Propolis helps promote bone health and helps heal fractures by strengthening bone density.
  • A powerful antioxidant that fights illnesses and fights health problems of aging.
  • Promote dental and oral health by killing bacteria and reducing swelling around the gums.
  • Accelerate healing of wounds by promoting the regeneration of skin and liver cells.

How to use:

Put 3-10 drops in room temperature water or juice and drink.

It is preferable not to continue taking it for more than a month, but stop a month and return to it a month, and so on.

How to store:

Keep away from light, store in dark cabinet.

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